About District 126

District Office

Craig Gwaltney


  • Email Craig Gwaltney

Steve Gress

Assistant Superintendent & CSBO

  • Email Steve Gress

Lori Connolly

Director of Teaching & Learning

  • Email Lori Connolly

Robert Condon

Director of Special Education

  • Email Robert Condon

Gina Fiske

Student Support Coordinator

  • Email Gina Fiske

Claudia Peralta

Bilingual Director

  • Email Claudia Peralta

Mark Vycas

Supervisor of Bldgs. & Grounds

Meghan Balchunas

Literacy Instructional Coach

Mrs. Balchunas Website

  • Email Meghan Balchunas
  • www.dist126.org/~MBalchunas@dist126.org/mrs-balchunas-reading-support (opens in new window)

Michelle Higgins

Superintendent's Secretary

  • Email Michelle Higgins

Mary Ott

Payroll Secretary

  • Email Mary Ott

Tracey Prosser

Accounts Payable

  • Email Tracey Prosser

Karen Kimmer

Special Education Secretary

  • Email Karen Kimmer


Mr John Chapman

Director of I.T.

  • Email John Chapman

Mrs Wendy Neumann

Database Administrator

  • Email Wendy Neumann

Ms Carol Baskas

5-8 Technology Coach

Ms. Baskas Website

  • Email Carol Baskas

Mr Jason Swanson

K-4 Technology Coach

  • Email Jason Swanson

Mr Herman Perez

Network Technician

  • Email Herman Perez

Mrs Connie Kotas

Technology Aide

  • Email Connie Kotas

Mrs Rachel Teel

Technology Aide

  • Email Rachel Teel

Mr Terrance Johnson

Technology Aide

  • Email Terrance Johnson

Mr Bob Potsic

Technology Aide

  • Email Bob Potsic

Early Childhood Center

Caitlin Coffey


  • Email Caitlin Coffey

Mrs Gina Fiske

EC Director

  • Email Gina Fiske

Emily Herbold


  • Email Emily Herbold

Debra Lesher

Instructional Aide

Shannon Lynch

Instructional Aide

Amber Medina

Instructional Aide

Mary Stachulak


  • Email Mary Stachulak

Nancy Wade

Instructional Aide

Mrs Zavala Zuleica


  • Email Zavala Zuleica

Prairie Junior High

Catherine Adduci


Mrs. Adduci's Website

  • Email Catherine Adduci
  • www.dist126.org/~CAdduci@dist126.org/mrs-adduci-science (opens in new window)

Carol Baskas

Teacher/Technology Coach

Ms. Baskas Website

  • Email Carol Baskas

Jeffrey Brubaker


Mr. Brubaker's Website

  • Email Jeffrey Brubaker
  • www.dist126.org/~JBrubaker@dist126.org/art (opens in new window)

Sean Brusek


  • Email Sean Brusek

Melinda Cochran


Mrs. Cochran's Website

  • Email Melinda Cochran
  • www.dist126.org/~MCochran@dist126.org/mrs-cochran (opens in new window)

Cari Curelo

Social Studies Teacher

Miss. Ladwig's Website

  • Email Cari Curelo
  • www.dist126.org/~CLadwig@dist126.org/ms-ladwig (opens in new window)

Michelle Doucet

Social Worker

Mrs. Doucet's Website

  • Email Michelle Doucet
  • www.dist126.org/~mdoucet@dist126.org/social-worker (opens in new window)

Nathan Dreisbach


Mr. Dreisbach's Website

  • Email Nathan Dreisbach
  • www.dist126.org/~NDreisbach@dist126.org/mr-dreisbach (opens in new window)

Maura Duffy

School Social Worker

  • Email Maura Duffy

Annie Eichwedel

10 Month Secretary

  • Email Annie Eichwedel

Anna Gandara


  • Email Anna Gandara

Samia Hasan


Ms. Hasan's Website

  • Email Samia Hasan
  • www.dist126.org/~SHasan@dist126.org/ms-hasan (opens in new window)

Michelle Heikes

LC Director

PJH Media Center Website

  • Email Michelle Heikes
  • www.dist126.org/~MHeikes@dist126.org/pjh-media-center (opens in new window)

Samantha Kaczmarski


Mrs. Kaczmarski's Website

  • Email Samantha Kaczmarski
  • www.dist126.org/~SEriks@dist126.org/ms-samantha-eriks-band (opens in new window)

Connie Kotas

Technology Aide

  • Email Connie Kotas

Barbara LaMantia


  • Email Barbara LaMantia

Thomas Lehner

Teacher/Social Studies

Mr. Lehner's Website

  • Email Thomas Lehner
  • www.dist126.org/~TLehner@dist126.org/mr-lehner-social-studies (opens in new window)

Jason March

Teacher/Information Technology

Mr. March's Website

  • Email Jason March
  • www.dist126.org/~jamarch@dist126.org/information-technology (opens in new window)

Rita McDermott


  • Email Rita McDermott

Robert Meyer


Mr. Meyer's Website

  • Email Robert Meyer
  • www.dist126.org/~RMeyer@dist126.org/mr-meyer-sciencesocial-studies (opens in new window)

Kifaya Naser-Hammad

ELA Teacher

  • Email Kifaya Naser-Hammad

Brian Nievera

Assistant Principal

Krista Nolan

Instructional Aide

Adrienne O'Neill


Mrs. O'Neill's Website

  • Email Adrienne O'Neill
  • www.dist126.org/~aoneill@dist126.org/mrs-oneill (opens in new window)

Patti Paskey

Science Teacher

  • Email Patti Paskey

Maureen Paulmeyer


  • Email Maureen Paulmeyer
  • www.dist126.org/prairie/about/blog (opens in new window)

Sarah Rafa


Mrs. Rafa's Website

  • Email Sarah Rafa
  • www.dist126.org/~SRafa@dist126.org/mrs-rafa (opens in new window)

Kelly Rank

Teacher/Special Education

  • Email Kelly Rank

Edith Schmitt

Int LD Resource Aide

Rosemary Shea

Reading Specialist

Mrs. Shea's Website

  • Email Rosemary Shea
  • www.dist126.org/~RShea@dist126.org/mrs-shea (opens in new window)

Elisabeth Sheppard

ELA Teacher

  • Email Elisabeth Sheppard

Kelly Spilde

1 Year Reading/ELA

  • Email Kelly Spilde

Derek Storch


Mr. Storch's Website

  • Email Derek Storch
  • www.dist126.org/~DStorch@dist126.org/mr-storch-general-musicchoirshow-choirmusical (opens in new window)

Susan Szubert

Teacher/Special Education

Mrs. Szubert's Website

  • Email Susan Szubert
  • www.dist126.org/~SSzubert@dist126.org/mrs-szubert (opens in new window)

Michelle Winiecki


Ms. Winiecki's Website

  • Email Michelle Winiecki
  • www.dist126.org/~MWiniecki@dist126.org/ms-winiecki-8th-grade-math (opens in new window)
  • Email Patricia Yerkes

Hazelgreen Elementary

Hadieh Ali

Health Aide

  • Email Hadieh Ali

Robin Biesen


Mrs. Biesen's Website

  • Email Robin Biesen
  • www.dist126.org/~RBiesen@dist126.org/mrs-biesen (opens in new window)

Kathleen Boulukos


Mrs. Boulukos Website

  • Email Kathleen Boulukos
  • www.dist126.org/~KBoulukos@dist126.org/mrs-boulukos-grade-5 (opens in new window)

Trisha Cahill

Teacher/Special Education

Mrs. Cahill's Website

  • Email Trisha Cahill
  • www.dist126.org/~TCahill@dist126.org/mrs-cahill (opens in new window)

Norma Cano

Instructional Aide

Veronica Castillo


  • Email Veronica Castillo

Kim Crawford

Instructional Aide

Christine Czarnecki


Mrs. Czarnecki's Website

  • Email Christine Czarnecki
  • www.dist126.org/~CCzarnecki@dist126.org/mrs-czarnecki-grade-6 (opens in new window)

Nicole Fahle


  • Email Nicole Fahle

Paul Floyd

P.E. Teacher

  • Email Paul Floyd

Ghadeer Hasan

Instructional Aide

  • Email Leah Humphrey-Mason

Terrance Johnson

Technology Aide

  • Email Terrance Johnson

Sharon Kamphius


  • Email Sharon Kamphius

Amber Kestian


Mrs. Kestian's Website

  • Email Amber Kestian

Elizabeth King

LC Director

Mrs. King's Website

  • Email Elizabeth King
  • www.dist126.org/~bking@dist126.org/mrs-king-media-specialist (opens in new window)

Crystal Kirk-Siepka


Mrs. Kirk's Website

  • Email Crystal Kirk-Siepka
  • www.dist126.org/~ckirk@dist126.org/mrs-kirksiepka (opens in new window)

Debra Kuhn

Instructional Aide

Rebecca Lanenga


Ms. Lanenga's Website

  • Email Rebecca Lanenga
  • www.dist126.org/~rlanenga@dist126.org/ms-lanengas-4th-grade (opens in new window)

Melodi Lau


Mrs. Lau's Website

  • Email Melodi Lau
  • www.dist126.org/~MLau@dist126.org/mrs-melodi-lau (opens in new window)

Kelly Law


Ms. Law's Website

  • Email Kelly Law
  • www.dist126.org/~KLaw@dist126.org/ms-law-grade-4 (opens in new window)

Lynda Miller

Instructional Aide

Diane O'Bryan

Instructional Aide

Trish O'Sullivan


Mrs. O'Sullivan's Website

  • Email Trish O'Sullivan
  • www.dist126.org/~tosullivan@dist126.org/mrs-osullivan-first-grade (opens in new window)

Dorothy Petrik-Simon

Teacher/Special Education

Mrs. Petirk-Simon's Website

Alaa Qurt


Mrs. Qurt's Website

  • Email Alaa Qurt
  • www.dist126.org/~AQurt@dist126.org/mrs-qurt-esl-teacher/welcome (opens in new window)

Kristy Regan


Mrs. Regan's Website

  • Email Kristy Regan
  • www.dist126.org/~KRegan@dist126.org/mrs-regans-room-grade-6 (opens in new window)

Danielle Rodriguez


Mrs. Rodriguez's Website

  • Email Danielle Rodriguez
  • www.dist126.org/~DRodriguez@dist126.org/mrs-rodriguezs-esl (opens in new window)

Jessica Shaw

3rd Grade Teacher

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I am very excited to join the team here at Hazelg...

  • Email Jessica Shaw
  • www.dist126.org/hazelgreen/people/1608412/jessica-shaw (opens in new window)

Katrina Shenton


Mrs. Shenton's Webpage

  • Email Katrina Shenton
  • www.dist126.org/~KShenton@dist126.org/mrs-shentons-music-class (opens in new window)

Linda Vucko

Reading Specialist

Mrs. Vucko's Website

  • Email Linda Vucko
  • www.dist126.org/~LVucko@dist126.org/mrs-vuckos-title-one-support (opens in new window)

Adrienne Wojciechowicz


Mrs. Wojciechowicz's Website

  • Email Adrienne Wojciechowicz

Lane Elementary

Kimberly Adamson


Ms. Adamson's Website

  • Email Kimberly Adamson
  • www.dist126.org/~KAdamson@dist126.org/kimberly-adamson/daily-schedule (opens in new window)

Sarah Babinski

Reading Teacher

Mrs. Babinski's Website

  • Email Sarah Babinski

Emily Bennett

Speech- Language Pathologist

Miss. Bennett's Webpage

Cecilia Biebel


  • Email Cecilia Biebel

Kathy Cullen

Instructional Aide

Dr. Patti Egan


  • Email Patti Egan

Andrea Erving


  • Email Andrea Erving

Nicole Fahle


  • Email Nicole Fahle

Christine Hamersly


Ms. Hamersly Website

  • Email Christine Hamersly
  • www.dist126.org/lane/people/740952/christine-hamersly (opens in new window)

Mrs Tracy Haraf

PE Teacher

Mrs. Haraf's Website

Mrs. Tracy Haraf


Mrs. Haraf's Website

  • Email Tracy Haraf
  • www.dist126.org/~THaraf@dist126.org/mrs-haraf-physical-education (opens in new window)

Lucy Haro


Mrs. Haro's Website

  • Email Lucy Haro
  • www.dist126.org/~LHaro@dist126.org/mrs-haro (opens in new window)

Holly Haseman


Mrs. Haseman's Website

  • Email Holly Haseman
  • www.dist126.org/~HHaseman@dist126.org/mrs-hasemans-1st-grade (opens in new window)

Michelle Johnson


Mrs. Johnson's Website

  • Email Michelle Johnson
  • www.dist126.org/~MJohnson@dist126.org/mrs-johnsons-music-room (opens in new window)

Kathy Kane

Teacher/Special Education

  • Email Kathy Kane
  • www.dist126.org/~KKane@dist126.org/mrs-kanes-site (opens in new window)

Ashley Kiely


Mrs. Kiely's Website

  • Email Ashley Kiely
  • www.dist126.org/~AKiely@dist126.org/mrs-kielys-2nd-grade-class (opens in new window)

Brooke Kloss


Mrs. Kloss's Website

  • Email Brooke Kloss
  • www.dist126.org/~BSwanson@dist126.org/ms-swansons-4th-grade (opens in new window)

Erin Knor

Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Knor's Website

  • Email Erin Knor
  • www.dist126.org/~EKnor@dist126.org/knors-nook (opens in new window)

Robin Lucansky


Mrs. Lucansky's Website

  • Email Robin Lucansky
  • www.dist126.org/~RLucansky@dist126.org/robin-lucansky (opens in new window)

Dawn Mahler

Instructional Aide

Joanna Riley

LC Director

Mrs. Riley's Website

  • Email Joanna Riley
  • www.dist126.org/~JRiley@dist126.org/mrs-riley (opens in new window)

Timothy Siepka


  • Email Timothy Siepka

Katy Skrobin


Mrs. Skrobin's Website

  • Email Katy Skrobin
  • www.dist126.org/~kskrobin@dist126.org/mrs-skrobins-3rd-grade-class (opens in new window)

Jason Swanson

Technology Coach

  • Email Jason Swanson

Mary Taglieri

Instructional Aide

Molly Wiora


Mrs. Wiora's Website

  • Email Molly Wiora
  • www.dist126.org/~MWiora@dist126.org/mrs-wiora (opens in new window)

Stony Creek Elementary

Ms. Maricela Arias

Teacher/Kindergarten TWI

Ms. Arias's Website

  • Email Maricela Arias

Mrs. Amanda Baikie


Mrs. Baikie's Website

  • Email Amanda Baikie
  • www.dist126.org/~ABaikie@dist126.org/mrs-baikie-4th-grade (opens in new window)

Mrs. Mary Banicki

Instructional Aide

Mrs. Jennifer Bresnahan


Mrs. Bresnahan's Website

  • Email Jennifer Bresnahan
  • www.dist126.org/~JBresnahan@dist126.org/mrs-bresnahans-3rd-grade (opens in new window)

Mrs. Renee Bromley


  • Email Renee Bromley

Mrs. Megan Brusek


Mrs. Brusek's Website

  • Email Megan Brusek
  • www.dist126.org/~MBrusek@dist126.org/mrs-bruseks-1st-grade-class (opens in new window)

Ms. Dione Cantorna

Teacher/Special Education

Ms. Cantorna's Website

  • Email Dione Cantorna
  • www.dist126.org/~DCantorna@dist126.org/ms-cantornas-5th-grade-classroom (opens in new window)

Ms. Adriana Carbajal

Teacher/5th TWI

  • Email Adriana Carbajal

Mrs. Natalia Castro-Molina

Teacher/4th Grade TWI

  • Email Natalia Castro-Molina

Mrs. Ashley Chirempes


Mrs. Chirempes Website

  • Email Ashley Chirempes
  • www.dist126.org/~AChirempes@dist126.org/mrs-chirempes-6th-grade (opens in new window)

Mrs. Lori Collins


Mrs. Collins Website

  • Email Lori Collins
  • www.dist126.org/~LCollins@dist126.org/mrs-collins-2nd-grade-class (opens in new window)

Mrs. Katie Connolly


Mrs. Connolly's Website

  • Email Katie Connolly
  • www.dist126.org/~KConnolly@dist126.org/mrs-connollys-1st-grade (opens in new window)

Mrs. Laura Daly


Mrs. Daly's Website

  • Email Laura Daly
  • www.dist126.org/~LDaly@dist126.org/mrs-laura-daly/index (opens in new window)

Mrs. Eileen Flynn

Media Center Specialist

  • Email Eileen Flynn

Mrs. Veronica Gomez

Teacher/2nd TWI

Mrs. Gomez Website

  • Email Veronica Gomez
  • www.dist126.org/stonycreek/people/740936/veronica-gomez (opens in new window)

Ms. Tahanee Hasan

Instructional Aide/ELL

Mr. Michael Hayes

Teacher/Special Education

  • Email Michael Hayes
  • www.dist126.org/~LPaloian@dist126.org/miss-paloian (opens in new window)

Ms. Ikhlas Ibrahim


Ms. Ibrahim's Website

  • Email Ikhlas Ibrahim
  • www.dist126.org/~IIbrahim@dist126.org/ms-ibrahims-6th-grade-class (opens in new window)

Mrs. Leanne Jankowicz

Health Aide

  • Email Leanne Jankowicz

Mrs. Michelle Johnson


Mrs. Johnson's Website

  • Email Michelle Johnson
  • www.dist126.org/~MJohnson@dist126.org/mrs-johnsons-music-room (opens in new window)

Mrs. April Jyotishi

Reading Specialist

Mrs. Jyotishi's Website

  • Email April Jyotishi
  • www.dist126.org/~AJyotishi@dist126.org/mrs-jyotishi-reading-specialist (opens in new window)

Ms. Felicia Kelly


  • Email Felicia Kelly

Mrs. Karen Kiffmeyer

Speech Pathologist

  • Email Karen Kiffmeyer

Mrs. Kathy Kozlowski

Instuctional Aide

Mrs. Shannon Kuntz


Mrs. Kuntz's Website

  • Email Shannon Kuntz
  • www.dist126.org/~SKuntz@dist126.org/mrs-kuntz-6th-grade (opens in new window)

Mrs. Katie LaBonte

Teacher/ 3rd

Mrs. LaBonte's Website

  • Email Katie LaBonte

Ms. Nicole Leggett


  • Email Nicole Leggett

Ms. Elizabeth Lopez

Teacher/1st TWI

  • Email Elizabeth Lopez

Mrs. Lisa Lopez


  • Email Lisa Lopez

Mrs. Peggy Lunak


Mrs. Lunak's Website

  • Email Peggy Lunak
  • www.dist126.org/~PLunak@dist126.org/mrs-lunaks-kindergarten (opens in new window)

Ms. Abigail Lyons

Teacher/Special Education

Ms. Lyons Website  

  • Email Abigail Lyons

Mrs. Jo Maietta


Mrs.  Maietta's Website

  • Email Jo Maietta
  • www.dist126.org/~JMaietta@dist126.org/mrs-jo-maietta (opens in new window)

Mrs. Jill March


Mrs. March's Website

  • Email Jill March
  • www.dist126.org/~JMarch@dist126.org/mrs-marchs-3rd-grade (opens in new window)

Mrs. Lois Maslanka

Office Aide

Mrs. Dawn McGlynn

Instructional Aide

Ms. Jasmine Monroe

Teacher/3rd TWI

  • Email Jasmine Monroe

Mrs. Ana Morales

School Social Worker

  • Email Ana Morales

Mrs. Sheila Motherway

Social Worker

  • Email Sheila Motherway

Mrs. Kim Mueller


  • Email Kim Mueller

Ms. Sarah Mussallem


  • Email Sarah Mussallem

Mrs. Gina O'Donovan

Health Aide

  • Email Gina O'Donovan

Mr. Enrique Ortiz

Teacher/6th Grade TWI

Mrs. Amanda Ostrander

Teacher/Special Education

  • Email Amanda Ostrander

Mrs. Kathryn Pape

Teacher/6th Grade

  • Email Kathryn Pape

Ms. Cynthia Rasmussen

Reading Specialist

  • Email Cynthia Rasmussen

Ms. Shari Reyes


Ms. Reyes Website

  • Email Shari Reyes
  • www.dist126.org/~SReyes@dist126.org/ms-reyes-4th-grade/about-me (opens in new window)

Mrs. Shannon Roche


  • Email Shannon Roche

Mrs. Erika Salgado

Instructional Aide

Mrs. Jennifer Saternus

Assistant Principal

  • Email Jennifer Saternus

Mrs. Theresa Seemann


  • Email Theresa Seemann

Mrs. Nancy Shalabi


Mrs. Shalabi's Website

  • Email Nancy Shalabi
  • www.dist126.org/~NShalabi@dist126.org/mrs-shalabi-ell (opens in new window)

Mrs. Deborah Smolen

Instructional Aide

Ms. J'Kyra Space


  • Email J'Kyra Space
  • www.dist126.org/~HIvanic@dist126.org/miss-ivanic-5th-grade (opens in new window)

Mrs. Rachel Teel

Technology Aide

  • Email Rachel Teel

Mrs. Marcie Uelman

PE Teacher

  • Email Marcie Uelman
  • www.dist126.org/~jspirakes@dist126.org/mr-spirakes-pe (opens in new window)

Mrs. Michele Walters

Instructional Aide

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Our Schools

District Office

11900 S Kostner Avenue
Alsip IL 60803
708.396.3793 (fax)

Lane Elementary

4600 W 123rd Street
Alsip IL 60803
708.575.3755 (fax)


Stony Creek Elementary

11700 S Kolin Avenue
Alsip IL 60803
708.396.3755 (fax)


Hazelgreen Elementary

11751 S Lawler Avenue
Alsip IL 60803
708.396.3754 (fax)

Prairie Junior High School

11910 S Kostner Avenue
Alsip IL 60803

Early Childhood Center

12250 S Orchard Avenue
Alsip, IL 60803
708.575.9434 (fax)