Learning to Read… Reading to Learn

Literacy instruction (reading, writing, language arts) in District 126 is provided in a balanced literacy model. In response to the increased rigor of the Common Core State Standards, with their emphasis on building skills that enable students to read increasingly complex fiction and informational, District 126 has adopted comprehensive instructional materials to be used across the district.

Core literacy instruction focuses on reading comprehension and creating meaning from a variety of text types. Some examples are fiction, biography, nonfiction, informational text, and poetry. Each grade level uses a set of cohesive materials that build in complexity from year to year. Students are taught to create various written responses to reading in addition to writing longer pieces such as narratives, research reports and essays. Phonics and vocabulary skills are specifically taught in grades K - 5 and incorporated into thematic instruction in grades 6 - 8.

Core instructional materials used are:

Materials Publisher Grade Levels
Benchmark Advance Benchmark Education K - 5
Jolly Phonics Jolly Learning K
Phonemic Awareness Michael Heggerty K -1
iRead Scholastic K - 2
Making Meaning Developmental Studies Center K - 5
Being A Writer Developmental Studies Center K - 5
System 44 Scholastic 3 - 4
Read 180 Scholastic 5 - 8
Study Sync Scholastic 6 - 8
Benchmark Adelante Benchmark Education K - 5 TWI