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Return to School October 26, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

The district has compiled a list of questions that parents may have in regards to the hybrid return to school expectations and procedures we will have in place for student and staff safety.
Elementary Schedule
All elementary students will attend school from 8:15 - 1:00.
Breakfast will be provided for all students and families should send a robust snack with their child. Lunch will be sent home with students.
Wednesdays will be remote learning for all elementary students.
Junior High Schedule
All junior high school students will attend school from 8:20 - 1:10.
All students will participate in a scheduled remote Student Choice Class from 2:15 - 2:55.
All students will follow a regular junior high bell schedule, with shortened classes.
Breakfast will be provided for all students and families should send a robust snack with their child. Lunch will be sent home with students.
Wednesdays will be remote learning for all junior high students.
Live Streaming Instruction
All classes will be live streamed.  The teacher will be teaching both in person and remote learners at the same time. Both hybrid and remote students will be in class together - some students will be in person depending on the day and some will be online at the same time in the same class.
Students who are remote will use their district issued device to join the teacher and class and receive their instruction through Zoom/Google Meets. They will have live interaction and engagement with their teacher and classmates.
Hybrid Instructional Model Schedule
In this model, a regular class will be divided into two groups.
    ●  Group A will learn at school on Mondays and Thursdays, engage in remote instruction at home on
        Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
    ●  Group B will learn at school on Tuesdays and Fridays, engage in remote instruction at home on
        Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Hybrid Model Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Group A
Group B
Full Remote Instructional Model Schedule
In this model, students will receive instruction remotely daily Monday - Friday through Zoom.
    ●  Students will be required to attend “class” virtually through a structured model using the set schedule          during the  school week and during normal school hours.
    ●  Students will be formally assessed and formally graded as they would if they were attending in                    person instruction

Frequently Asked Questions


Question Answer
During Remote Learning Days, will my child participate in learning using a virtual platform continuously for five hours? 

No. Students will receive a daily virtual learning schedule.  Instruction will include a variety of live instruction via Zoom or Google Meets, recorded lessons, educational software, and independent learning activities. 

Will all classes be using the same digital platform for assigning work? Students will use the same platforms they have been using for the start of the year.
What will school events look like?

Whole school events will be cancelled for the duration of Phase 4 in compliance with the guidance of gatherings not to exceed 50 people.  

Will my child have Art, Music, PE, and Media Center at the elementary school?

Yes.  All K-6 students will participate in art, music, and PE each week virtually in order to minimize interactions between students and staff and reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 within the school community. Media Center Directors may work with grade levels virtually and in-person.  

Will my child still participate in band?

Yes.  Band lessons will be provided virtually.
Will there be after school clubs/activities? At this time, plans for some after school clubs continue to be developed. The district’s conference has cancelled athletics at this time and will be revisited after winter break.

How will my child who is doing full remote learning receive their books or other school provided texts/materials?

The district will continue to schedule days and times for families to receive their child’s textbooks, workbooks, art project assignments/materials, etc. 

Will my child need to bring their school learning materials to school if attending in person?

Yes.  Students who are attending school in person will be required to bring their books and materials to school on their in person days.
How will my child who is doing full remote learning receive school announcements? Teachers will begin each day with morning announcements. School communications will continue to be sent home via email and phone.
If my student has an IEP, will they still receive their special education services and therapies whether participating in Hybrid or Remote Learning? Yes, all students who qualify for services will continue to receive their interventions and therapies whether attending in person or remotely.
How will parent meetings, special education meetings, and problem solving meetings be held?

Special Education Eligibility, IEP, 504 and problem solving meetings will continue to be held remotely to the greatest extent possible. Any in-person meetings will follow IDPH requirements, including but not limited to wearing appropriate PPE, requiring social distancing be observed as much as possible, complying with capacity limits, and requiring pre-meeting symptom and temperature screenings. Parents/Guardians and additional participants will continue to be offered the opportunity to participate via alternative means (phone call, video conferencing).

Will remote learning be live or recorded lessons? It may be a combination of both live and recorded lessons.
What is the maximum number of students per classroom for the hybrid model? The district worked with our district architect to calculate our suggested maximum number of individuals in each instructional space using the suggested social distancing guidelines. We will be using these guidelines when scheduling for each instructional space.
What support will ESL students have in regards with language support?

ESL academic and language supports will be provided remotely and in-person.



Will my child be expected to wear a mask when outdoors? Not when the student is socially distanced. Students will be socially distanced following the guidelines.
What is considered a healthy robust snack? A healthy robust snack is more than a traditional snack, but not the same as a  full lunch.  As a guideline, the snack should be able to be eaten within a ten minute snack break.  The district will send out robust snack guidelines
Why is it suggested students bring a disposable lunch bag to store their snack instead of reusable lunch boxes? Guidance suggests this will minimize the risk of contamination of surfaces with reusable items when possible.
Where will my child eat breakfast and their daily snack? K-6 students will eat breakfast and their robust snack in their classrooms. Junior high students will eat snack in the classroom and breakfast will be eaten in a location that will hold groups of 50 or less.   Social distancing and sanitation procedures will be followed.
What will passing periods look like? Switching of classes and movement in the hallways will be limited.  All specials  will be held in the classroom.  Stairwells will be one directional.  Hallways will be divided to ensure social distancing spacing.
How will restrooms be monitored? Safe procedures will be implemented specifically for any shared spaces. This will include bathrooms. Classroom breaks and/or assigned grade level bathrooms will be implemented for grades K-6. Sanitation and social distancing procedures will be followed at all schools.
Who cleans desks if students switch classes? Students will clean their desk with a sanitizing wipe before leaving the classroom and again when they enter the next classroom.
Who cleans desks after students eat breakfast and snack? Students will clean their desk with a sanitizing wipe after breakfast and before and after the robust snack break


Question Answer
What is the protocol for Self-Certification? Parents of students who will be attending in person will certify their child is symptom and fever free. Self certification will be completed online EVERYDAY prior to arriving at school or boarding the school bus. More information will be sent out closer to the October 26 return to school date.  
What will be considered an acceptable mask?
An acceptable mask is a cloth face covering that serves as a barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air.  Gaiter masks and vented masks are not permitted.  
Face shields can only be worn with a mask.
Will the school provide a mask for students who have lost or forgotten their mask? Yes.  The district will maintain a supply of extra masks for students.  School buses will also have extra disposable masks if students forget their mask.
What if my child won’t keep their mask on? Students will be taught, encouraged and expected to wear their mask throughout the school day.  Mask breaks will be built into the school day for students when outside maintaining social distancing.
What is the protocol for washing hands at school? Upon arrival to school, lunch/recess, and dismissal students will sanitize their hands.   Hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms and throughout the school.
Will students be accessing their lockers / cubbies at the same time?  lockers / cubbies are used, students will use lockers spaced 6 feet apart or if students are able to socially distance while accessing their lockers. Students will only be allowed to use lockers / cubbies at specific times to ensure social distancing guidelines. Preschool cubbies will be sanitized between sessions.
How will the walkers social distance in line on the way into school? Students will be taught, encouraged and expected to maintain their social distance when at school. Each school will be utilizing multiple doors for arrival and dismissal.
What is the process if my child is sick and cannot attend school?
Parents should call the main office when their child will be absent. This includes if your child is attending in-person or remotely for the day. Parents are encouraged to notify the office as far in advance as possible when choosing to keep their child home during remote learning time. All health related absences will be shared with the school Nurse / Health Aide.
● School Health Aides / Nuse  may contact the parent/guardian to verify details in order to track illnesses.
Are vaccinations still required? Yes
Are physicals, eye exams and dental exams still required?
Dental exams are required for students entering kindergarten, 2nd, and 6th grades. 
Eye exams are required for students entering kindergarten as well as students transferring in from out of state.
Physical exams are required for students entering kindergarten and 6th grade.


Question Answer
Will my child be able to use the water fountain? Every school has a water filter.  Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to use this option.  All drinking spouts will be removed and will not be in use for students.
How will students be expected to socially distance in school? The district is planning for classrooms to be set up to adhere to the 6 feet social distancing guidelines. Social distancing guidelines state “as much as possible.” Students will be assigned to a desk/table in their class and movement in hallways and to other classrooms throughout the school day will be kept to a strict minimum.  Plexiglass barriers will be used when sitting at a table for small group instruction and in science lab classes at the junior high school.
What steps is the district taking to increase cleaning and sanitation? Maintaining a clean and sanitized learning environment is of the utmost importance to School District 126. Please see the district’s In-Person General Safety Plan document for more specifics.  Click here


Question Answer
What’s the plan for when a case of COVID happens? When it happens, how fast will parents be alerted of a positive case?
Information will be shared depending on the speed at which a COVID test is taken and results available. However, school nurses and administration will have specific protocols to follow from the Health Department. For a positive COVID, the Health Department will conduct contact tracing. 
Local health officials will be notified of any known confirmed case of COVID-19. 
• The school district must notify the Cook County Department of Public Health of any known confirmed cases of COVID-19 within any school or district administration building.
The school district will coordinate with local health officials to determine if and to what extent the school must be closed. 
• The school district will follow recommendations from local and/or state health officials’ regarding the scope of school closures, i.e. single classroom quarantine, multiple classroom quarantine, single school closure, multiple school closures, entire district closure and the duration of those closures (days, weeks). 
• Interruptions to school will be handled on a case by case basis working collaboratively with the local health department. 
Schools will communicate to their respective school communities any known confirmed cases of COVID-19 
• Building Principals will notify their school communities of known confirmed cases of COVID-19 via the school district’s electronic notification system. 
Individual classrooms, identified areas within a school or entire school buildings will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly prior to re-opening. 
• Any area used by a staff member or student with a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be immediately closed off until proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures have been completed. 
• The school district will follow all CDC, CCDPH, IDPH and ISBE recommendations for sanitizing schools prior to re-opening. 
• Portable UV light units or electrostatic fogging units may be deployed to sterilize surfaces or entire rooms.
How will parents be notified of a COVID case?
Schools will communicate to their respective school communities any known confirmed cases of COVID-19 
• Building Principals will notify their school communities of known confirmed cases of COVID-19 via the school district’s electronic notification system. 
If a teacher becomes ill with COVID, does the entire class have to quarantine and then learn remotely? Yes. Currently, the quarantine is for 14 days.  The district will continue to follow the IDPH guidelines as guidance may change.



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