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Tips for Managing eLearning at Home
In an eLearning environment, students will need to practice a different set of skills to complete work and not take steps backwards during a prolonged period away from school. Here are some tips that will help families and students to manage and be successful in a digital learning environment.
  • Manage your time - Be conscious and realistic of the time that it will take to complete tasks assigned to you by your teachers. Set aside consistent time each day to complete your school work and be diligent in that time. 
  • Stay connected with your teachers - Your teachers will be posting work and providing assignments and feedback on a daily basis. Stay connected by logging into Schoology and checking your email daily. All communications will now be digital so be sure to keep up your end.
  • Take regular breaks - Build in breaks to the time that you have set aside for your school work. It's important to stay active and keep to a regular sleep schedule during this time. 
  • Limit distractions - During that time you have set aside, it may be necessary to create a workspace free from distractions. We all work differently but if it seems like tasks are taking a long time, implement strategies like finding a quiet place to complete your work and turning off social media notifications can go a long way to helping with focus.
  • Find time to be social - eLearning can be isolating and it's important to find and create opportunities to be social, even if it's using digital tools like Google Meet, Hangouts or Zoom.
  • Set goals - One of the most effective strategies for eLearning is to set and keep track of goals. Many of your teachers will create checklists to help you keep track of your assignments. Use these as a way to track your time and set goals for completion.


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