Elementary Science: Becoming a Scientist with Hands on Learning

Science in our elementary classrooms focuses on learning the scientific process through practice. Students make form hypotheses, make observations, perform experiments and report results through units in life science, physical science and earth science. The majority of our science curriculum is supported by FOSS: Full Option Science System. The FOSS units were designed by scientists & educators especially for use in the elementary classroom. In addition to the hands-on investigations, each unit is accompanied by a soft-cover book, Science Stories, which provide information on the content as well as stories about scientists who use these concepts as part of their jobs. This real world application helps students see science in daily life. Additional units from Delta Science Modules rounds out the elementary science curriculum so that all areas of the Illinois Learning Standards are addressed.

Science Units



Finding the Moon

Animals 2 x 2*



1st Grade

Solids & Liquids

 Pebbles, Sand & Silt      




2nd Grade

Air & Weather

Balance & Motion

New Plants*



3rd Grade


Earth Materials

Force & Motion

Structures of Life*


4th grade

Solar System


Human Body

Magnetism & Electricity

Food Chains & Webs*

5th grade

Solar Energy



Food & Nutrition*

Lenses & Mirrors

6th grade




Newton's Toy Box

Mixtures & Solutions

* includes Live Organisms

Information and activities for use at home can be found at http://www.fossweb.com/