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5/6th grade students are expected to be ready, be respectful, and be responsible at all times.

Homework assignments are given daily and it is expected that they get completed for the next school day. Any continual missing assignment will result in a contact with a parent. Assignment notebooks should be used everyday. During the day we will go over the homework assignments and other important events. I will remind you what to bring home. Please do not destroy. They do not need to be signed unless there is a problem with getting work completed.

I do allow my class to bring in a healthy snack to eat during a morning break, but this snack can not be a lunch or any sweets. Water bottles are ok to bring as well. No gum or candy please.

Chromebooks: only go on school appropriate websites and follow directions carefully when using them. Follow acceptable use policy. No cell phones, ipods, cameras, or other technology should be brought to school. Please leave them turned off in your backpack.

Classroom Goal: We come up with a classroom goal and build Mr. Potato Head as we show we are working toward our goal and then earn a reward.

Executive Functioning Binders: Must come to and from school EVERY DAY! Please keep it organized and take home what needs to be shared with your families.

Parent Contact/Resources: All District information is sent to your families email and you can also use our website (Campus Suite) to get info. We have a District 126 App and Skyward to learn more, and you can follow us on Twitter.

Extra Notebooks & Paper: All extra notebooks and paper should be stored at the front of the room, if needed please raise your hand. Some paper should be kept in your desk. Please have your name on all of your items. Please note: extras are shared within the classroom.

Entering the Building: Enter quietly and hang up your coats/bookbags. When you entered the classroom put your things away, turn in homework, and complete the activity given (this will all be on the projector when you walk in). Everyone should stand with their hand up during the pledges and recite them as a class. Hallway: Walk in a straight quiet line during the switching of classes or going to other activities (this includes lunch/recess time). Leaving the Building: You will be dismissed car riders first, then busers, and then bike riders/walkers will be escorted out of the building. Make sure you are listening for directions.

Tornado/Fire Drill/Evacuation/Lock-Down: Quietly and calmly leave the room to the appropriate location and remain quiet until given further directions. Tornado Drill – duck down on the ground close as possible to the wall while covering your head under the hooks in the hall. Fire Drill – walk out the side doors on your left when you leave the room. If you are not with our class go to the nearest classroom. If we are not in our classroom you will receive directions on what to do.

Math: we switch rooms for (Mr. Siepka & myself = 6th grade; Mrs. Lucansky & Mrs. Hamersly = 5th grade), you will also get homework every day, and tests will be given as well. Remember to practice and turn homework in on time!

Grades are standards based grades: Meets (M), Emerging (E), or Not Meet Yet (NM).

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