Hazelgreen Elementary School

Photo of Leah Humphrey

Leah Humphrey


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Veronica Castillo


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Photo of Hadieh Ali

Hadieh Ali

Health Aide

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Niveen Awad

Instructional Aide

Photo of Trisha Cahill

Trisha Cahill

Teacher/Special Education

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Photo of Norma Cano

Norma Cano

Instructional Aide

Photo of Christine Czarnecki

Christine Czarnecki


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Photo of Nicole Fahle

Nicole Fahle


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Ghadeer Hasan

Instructional Aide

Greg Hough

PE Teacher

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Photo of Sharon Kamphuis

Sharon Kamphuis


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Photo of Amber Kestian

Amber Kestian


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Photo of Crystal Kirk-Siepka

Crystal Kirk-Siepka

Media Center Director

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Easton Kral

Teacher/2nd Grade

Photo of Debra Kuhn

Debra Kuhn

Instructional Aide

Photo of Rebecca Lanenga

Rebecca Lanenga


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Photo of Melodi Lau

Melodi Lau


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Photo of Kelly Law

Kelly Law


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Photo of Lynda Miller

Lynda Miller

Instructional Aide

Noor Mulk

Instructional Aide

Madison Novak

Instructional Aide

Photo of Trish O'Sullivan

Trish O'Sullivan


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  • www.dist126.org/~tosullivan@dist126.org/mrs-osullivan-first-grade (opens in new window)

Erin Olson

Speech Pathologist

Photo of Dorothy Petrik-Simon

Dorothy Petrik-Simon

Teacher/Special Education

Photo of Alaa Qurt

Alaa Qurt


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  • www.dist126.org/~AQurt@dist126.org/mrs-qurt-esl-teacher/welcome (opens in new window)
Photo of Kristy Regan

Kristy Regan


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Photo of Danielle Rodriguez

Danielle Rodriguez

Teacher/5th Grade

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Jessica Shaw

3rd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Linda Vucko

Linda Vucko

Reading Specialist

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  • www.dist126.org/~LVucko@dist126.org/mrs-vuckos-title-one-support (opens in new window)