Early Childhood Screenings

School District 126 offers preschool screenings by appointment only for children between the ages of 3 and 5, who are residents of Alsip Hazelgreen Oak Lawn District 126.  The developmental screenings assess the areas of communication, motor, cognitive and social-emotional skills to determine if a child is meeting his/her developmental milestones.  

In order to be screened, a child needs to be between the ages of 3-5 (turns five AFTER September 1st).  Parents request a screening packet by clicking on the link below or by calling the Early Childhood Center at (708) 631-0490.  Parents will receive a screening packet in the mail to complete in its entirety.  Once parents return a completed packet, screenings are scheduled several times per year and are conducted by a team at District 126 who specialize in Early Childhood Education.  Parents will be contacted when screening dates are available.  

School District 126 Preschool Program utilizes a state criteria checklist to determine eligibility for the program. Upon completion of the screening process, a variety of options are available based on the results of the screening. Some options may include:  

  • A child maybe placed in a preschool program if eligibility requirements are met (or placed on the waiting list if the program is at capacity)
  • Referred for further evaluations
  • Referred to a Head Start program
  • Referred to contact another community preschool if they do not qualify for the program
  • Re-screened to monitor progress 

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (708) 631-0490 or you can email the Early Childhood Center Coordinator, Gina Fiske at gfiske@dist126.org

To request a packet, click here----->  Early Childhood Screening Packet Request