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Welcome to 6th grade math! This year, students will be studying mathematics from the Connected Mathematics Program (CMP) materials.  CMP aligns to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and prepares students for college and careers, as this curriculum is problem centered.  This means students will investigate mathematical ideas within the context of a realistic problem, as opposed to looking only at numbers.  Some problems involve real-world applications or unusual situations, while others are purely mathematical.  A problem’s context provides a vehicle for understanding and remembering the mathematical concepts. CMP is also aligned to the Standards for Mathematical Practice found within the Common Core State Standards.  Students will be expected to reflect on the practices used within their investigations.

 The Mathematical Practices are: 1.  Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. 2.  Reason abstractly and quantitatively. 3.  Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. 4.  Model with mathematics. 5.  Use appropriate tools strategically. 6.  Attend to precision. 7.  Look for and make use of structure. 8.  Look for and express regularity in repeating reasoning.

We are excited about this curriculum and its potential for helping students develop strong mathematical knowledge and skills.  We are looking forward to a successful year for all of our students.

Grading Summary


  • Participation

Because participating in discussions and activities is so important in helping the students make sense of mathematics, this is one part of the students’ grades.  They rate themselves at the end of each investigation on how well they participated.  

  • Mathematical Reflections 

It is very important to communicate mathematically in writing in regards to the Mathematical Practices.  After each investigation, students will be asked to reflect upon how the practices were incorporated into the mathematics learned throughout that investigation.  

  • Investigations  

Investigations are the substance of the CMP program.  These are problems or notes that are completed in class as the students work together to develop strong mathematical concepts.  

  • Homework/ACE 

Homework assignments offer students an opportunity to think about problems more in depth.  Homework assignments are very important. Students will have the opportunity to revise their answers as we discuss problems.  

  • Vocabulary 

Understanding mathematical terminology is necessary for developing mathematical understanding.  Students will periodically be given vocabulary words to list and define in their own words with examples.  

  • Check-Points

Check-points will be used in two different ways.  A check-point will be used to assess individual knowledge, or will be used to assess students’ ability to “put their heads together”, as a lot of what we do in class is explored with others.  At the end of each unit, an individual assessment is given.  This serves as an opportunity for students to show what they, as individuals, have learned from the whole unit.  Unit check-point retakes will be provided at the end of each unit. Students will need to complete certain criteria in order to be eligible. 

Grades will be based on Standards Based Grading:

M = Meeting Standards, E = Emerging, NM = Not Yet Meeting

Supplies Needed

Textbook:  Students will be issued 7 books spread throughout the year.  The books are listed below.

Binder:  1.5 inch binder that will be used for math only.  They are expected to keep their book in this binder at all times.  (On page 5 are Notebook Guidelines – parent/guardian signature is required after reading through entire class syllabus).

Seven Notebook Dividers/Tabs

Pencils:  Students are expected to complete math work in pencil only.

Pencil Case: Preferred three-hole punched.

Paper:  An ample supply of loose-leaf notebook paper. Preferred reinforce holes.


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